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  1. That was interesting/sad…

    My favorite neighborhood haunt, the casual/vegan place I eat at once or TWICE a day…for the first time ever…asked me to wear the masque.

    I refused. I refuse.

    A wonderful conversation about life, truth, systems, philosophy and love ensued…and I politely said goodbye forever. Actually…a supremely beautiful moment.

    Clear as the ray of sunshine that pierces the sky above, my dignity and righteousness as a human being shall NEVER be infringed.

    And certainly not by being asked to cover my face, to entertain a lie, the greatest global psyop lie in world history.

    Am I “selfish?!”

    You’re goddamned right I am. This selfish, inappropriate, irresponsible bastard will stand for principle.

    To the death. And yes, I stand for all of us.


  2. Loving this interview. Tuning in from England – it is always a pleasure to watch Robert take it to another level.
    Sublime work Star Man.


  3. Thank you so much for this interview. I am utterly fascinated by Richard’s story. Has he written an autobiography? I would love to read it.

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