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  1. I am watching this now from the beginning. I have watched this Navajo Elder’s channel before…good stuff. Ps on Crrow’s channel yesterday I left a comment that you broke down the movie Children of Men…all the predictive programming and the dark magician Olympic 2012 stuff. You really get this stuff. Thank you and we are blessed to have people like you during this crossroads in time. This must have been your destiny… To seriously wake us up. I also love Randall Carlson of course Jay Weidner, Regina Meredith. I think your stint on Gaia was important. It opened my eyes. Thank you.?

  2. Really enjoyed this one Robert. Wild sync for you to start with the Navajo Elder as just 2 nights ago I noticed him in my recommends sidebar and watched his talk on the significance of turquoise. Wonderful video; Family is fundamental as is Trust. Also, the local Asheville paper MtnXpress cover page this week is about the mass exodus of LEO’s from force…85 openings and uptick in talk on NextDoor how they rarely answer crisis calls. Crime definitely up. Your bit about possible shut down for a week or month and how prepped is anyone was rather jarring as I really haven’t done squat. Worse though is the thought of my son stuck in Brooklyn. Ugh! At least that final clip of the impressive young student was uplifting…Bravo indeed. Thanks for your daily efforts to connect, educate, provoke Lol!, and inspire. I appreciate ya Brother 🙂
    PS Really hope the new changes for chatlandia will be more user friendly ;P

  3. The idea the Biden administration floated out about tracking down the non-compliant to jabs needs to be treated like joke that it is. How? Who? When? It’s the same reason contract tracers didn’t work. Who sets up the plan? Who hires? What’s the hiring criteria? Under what authority do the people work? Where do they work? If they go door-to-door who pays for their car and gas?

    The geniuses in government really can’t organize anything quickly. They lack creativity and smarts because it’s where the inept and stupid hide out (and why you weren’t elected). The idea will go no where.

    We need to stop believing these people are capable of anything. It’s how we get it to stop. Stop believing. Stop assigning them any ability to do anything. They traffic in hand-wringing and worry so if that’s what the “message” is creating then it’s mired in deception and falsehood.

    The Navajo dude says some cool stuff however if his words were spoken without his accent and surroundings and were instead spoken with a southern twang from a church pulpit it wouldn’t sound so amazing or profound. It’s kind of why it’s cringey to listen to him. He’s being promoted heavily so why?

    1. I agree with you about the vax squad, They don’t have the numbers and this is a few steps above the CENSUS. I’m more concerned about them using it as a staging platform for a FF. About Wally Brown, I hear what you’re saying. The one thing that is slightly different than say Ron White trying to say the same thing, is his attempt to try to translate the actual meaning of the words and concepts from Navajo to English, which is probably not entirely possible. Sometimes it’s good to find a simple truth where you can every now and then.

    1. psst. do you know the story behind the “discovery” of the isotope *C60? Which eventually became known within science as “Bucky Balls” due to its resemblance to & strong bonds it forms, as a ‘Fullerene’..named for the “geodesic spheres” created by Buckminster Fuller? This is the reason that after getting out of science, sorta got its hook back into me. The ludicrous history of the “discovery”..& how after. they found it “forming long, stable chains of the hexagonal shaped substance” in space..see NASA’s attempt “to buy up supplies” of C60* once it became..’an internet health sensation’..there’s other things it is connected to that make me say “Hell No!”To using it as a ‘health supplement’…especially in ‘products containing fungi/yeast & some essential oils”..& the story of the “weaponisation of cancer” which began way..way back & long before eugenicist Salk’s ‘miracle potion’!? Currently being experienced in the USA’s “cancer epidemic” 1 in 4 kill capacity? Fyi..? x
      *carbon 60

  4. well yes… lets not ignore that america is a cancer. in all stretches of the word…. zodiac wise and its parasitic destruction of the planet.

    1. I’ll reframe that for you. America was invaded by a parasite that has weakened it’s immune system while taking control of it’s media, weaponry and now it’s bodies and that parasite is spreading across the rest of the world, including where you are.

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