6-7-21 Cyber Polygon On?

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  1. Good advice, Sir Robert.
    I’ve been putting away non~perishable food for over 2 years. I also have lg jugs of water & MMS to fix any ick that might have grown or what have you.
    I need more hygien products and pet food. Batteries. Candle. We have 2 fireplaces and stupidly ( wasn’t me. Points to husband) 3 barbecues that’ll surely come in handy. I have thought out many, many times, ” What would I wish I had when the lights go out”. A depressing exercise,

  2. ✨I read in the Wiki about graphene that IT ABSORBS LIGHT. Where have I heard that phrase before? Oh yeah. When explaining how the monsters who have been conrotting us are able to live yet they have no light of their own because they are JUST THAT DARK! They steal OUR light (call it prana or chi, or light source energy) light and the kind of light for them that is the yummiest- their absolute favorite is our very low vibration light of hate, fear, terror, depression, and so on. Ew.
    The graphene oxide isn’t just poisonous, it facilitates our Light being sciphened ( spelling) away so they can have more pep and energy and we are left napping because we are utterly exhausted. And you’re right, Sir. Robert. 5G would very nicely be the thing that makes it all work. Leon’s satilites surrounding the earth completely is not just ew gross sick disgusting, but they’re the perfect vehicle for 5G completely and utterly slimeing the earth. Plus all the other places the 5G has been snuck into. Sickening. I’ve heard that the Elon satiates are in the hands of the Good Guys. I hope and pray that’s true. 5G is ANI~HUMAN. 5G is ANTI~LIFE. Blows my mind that so many human beans are eagerly making this nightmare come true, not evening considering that the nasty 5G will harm them(and everyone they care about including plants and animals
    – it’s anti-LIFE. Like the Nothing in the movie Never Ending Story. The inverted, inorganic, Archonic Artificial Intelligence AI is riding this Beast as hard as it can. If we human beings don’t stop this shit dead in its tracks ASAP the End of the World as we Know it would seem as a sweet, bedtime story compared to the disaster the Archons want so badly. It’s so difficult to write about things that the English language has no words for. Ineffable. Can’t explain but I know it’s bad, Babykins. REALLY FUCKING BAD.

    1. ?Note to self✨
      ⚡️Slow down when typing, no matter HOW passionate you are about the subject manner
      ⚡️Do not trust the Spellcheck Demon ( that helps to spell itself after only 3 letters?) to spell correctly words that you typed too fast Spellcheck Demon’s job is to embarrass you and make you look stupid

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