7/2/21 Friday FARcast With Mark Metheny



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  1. When you both were talking about births in 2025 or lack of…it reminded me of the movie Gattaca…very Crisper technology, predictive programming. The good news is Ethan Hawks character was a “God Child”…I think Humanity will still exist. There will be babies from non jabbed parents.

  2. I am going to repeat what I just wrote in the chat which is empty so you don’t miss my comment. Ready?☺️

    I’m watching this later but I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I never miss a show- even if I don’t catch it live. Robert, you are my grounding link to reality. Through you I am able to see what’s going on without having to be alone and freaked out. You are like a beloved BROTHER who holds my hand as we walk through the dark, fighting monsters. Thank you for you. I love and appreciate you dearly.

  3. Missed you since you disappeared at BoobTube. Need your centering prayer and tree and cat. Hope you won or are winning your election. Is this just 15 minutes of flame? Or do you have another place to visit. <3

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