7/1/21 Occupied Territories



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  1. Robert…important…buy Patrick Flanagan’s(Phi Science) Mega Hydrate(molecular hydrogen) & Crystal Energy. Keep it on ✋ hand. This is used by hospitals in Arizona to purge poisons from scorpions & rattle snakes. I heard him say it himself. Dr. Joe Mercola also sells it now. Prepare for mars in ♏ scorpio coming up & stay engarde.

  2. For your investigation…unfortunately our great scientist Dr. Flanagan died in 2019 at age 75. McAfee was just whacked at age 75. That’s the age of end of life set in Obamacare death panels…to be reduced gradually to age 50…not a joke…move over for Rottenchilds robots to protect THEMSELVES. Written by 2 tribe members Michael Gruber and Ezekial Emmanuel…just conveniently took it on to themselves to decide our fate.

    • Ah yes, Zeke Emmanuel who doesn’t want to live past 75. Yeah, right. I knew Patrick a little–just a little. I partied with him one night in his RV at Earthdance. He spent about an hour telling us his tale of being bit by a rattler.

  3. One more…Prince Phillip supposedly died on his birthday. So did David Rockefeller…was that to be uploaded to AI clones…have noticed other well knowns dying on their bithdays…something to check into.

  4. Could Stewart Rhodes be a descendant of Cecil Rhodes??? Rchild agent…Pilgrim Society…Skull and Bones???

    • Well, Cecil Rhodes was queer. So I’m nit sure if he could have sired a line that led to Stewart, but, he does have the bonafides so maybe it’s a Rhodes thing, but not necessarily a direct descendant of Rhodes. It is interesting that his name does click with Rhodesia.

  5. Hey Robert! Great info today. Thanks so much. My chat won’t load up anymore , but I wanted to let you know your insights this week have been great!

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