6-29-21 The Pressure Cooker Is On


  1. Vivian

    Atlas Shrugged…watch on Amazon Prime

    • K&S

      We enjoyed the Fountainhead, the old film with Gary Cooper. Essentially the same story. Ironically the architecture extolled in the film, which is antithetical to the classic style we love, is really socialist.

  2. Eileen k

    In my timeline, Lenz shot himself and his dog!! Yoga journal carried the story around 1999. I was appalled.and remember it clearly.

    • 15 Mins Ov Flame

      Wow. That’s really strange. But then again, he was not your normal computer programmer.

  3. Steve

    Altered Images…Claire Grogan was part of a preMadonna new wave of little girl voiced singers, including Rachel Sweet, Bow Wow Wow’s Anabella Lwin, Dale Bozzio of Missing Persons, Nena of the 99 balloons, setting the stage for all the 90s Disney bots. Give me Joan Armatrading, Joan Osborne, Bettye LaVette or Eda Maxym any day…

    • 15 Mins Ov Flame

      Do any of them sing happy birthday? I’d be happy to play that on Krys’s birthday when it’s her turn.

  4. rick

    Can you put out an MP3 so I can download daily shows and listen on my player?

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