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      1. There is a problem where the videos go into an Encoding phase and cannot be watched for a while – this is what happened after the comments disappeared, so there is some kind of reset of the page going on.

  1. Ok, trying this again and hope comments won’t disappear again…

    I was researching the Wares and Mother Bloor not long ago and this is amazing that you’re covering them now. SRA survivor Jay Parker grew up in cult-town Arden, Delaware, where Biden lived for a time, and has mentioned Bloor’s son Buzz Ware several times as being a satanist and leader of the Arden community. Many of these utopian and arts communities are cults in disguise.

    Something else I found out was 1 of the 2 founders of Arden, architect Will Price, was one of the architects who are falsely given the credit for designing many of the old-world “Tartarian” buildings that were already in the country centuries (or more) before.

    It’s not surprising but also quite interesting that these people are Communists, and it goes to show who these people are beyond their political identities.

    1. Yeah, my apologies. I have to re-upload the videos from Rumble. That’s a very interesting set of connections, from Bloor and Ware to Arden, Price and Tartaria. These people have been deeply infested in our government and so called culture for a long time. Have you ever looked at some of the Soviet styled art from the 20’s-40’s? There are some posters that are clearly satanic/dark occult in their representation. It reminds me of the story Mark Rudd told about when the Weather Underground was driving from Detroit to Chicago for the convention. He talked about how they were all in the back of the van high on acid and having an orgy. Most communists are deviant by nature.

  2. Parasitology??? Houston we have a problem…
    Go to Gab Social & follow Brig. Gen. Robert Kauffman
    scroll down & check this out…
    African trypanosomiasis…parasitic infection of humans with symptoms mirroring “vaccine ” adverse reactions:

    severe headache
    personality change
    weight loss
    loss of concentration
    progressive confusion
    slurred speech
    heart attacks

    Robert…please do deep dive & share with the gang. May be why anti-parasitic Iverm@ctin is so effective.
    Garlic, cloves, black walnut & wormmood may be effective.

    1. Well, I’ve talked about this a bit before and it links into Bill Gates repeated forays into Africa to study malaria. Hydroxy Chloriquine is highly effective at dealing with Malaria. Ivermectin expels worms. Makes sense with all of the above.

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