6-11-21 Friday FARcast with Emily Moyer — Strange Attraction



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  1. 5G and Project Bluebeam can make these objects appear unnatural in air. A spook underground with a joystick prepping for the ‘alien’ b.s.
    The new IPhone ? has a large ? magnet. That’s what you’ve seen sticking to people’s arms. What a coincidence…new phone ? for 5G with a ?!

    White guys…contributions…like Karl Benz (invented car)…the Wright Brothers(✈ airplane)…Warner Von Braun(V2 rocket to head of NASA)…nuclear fission…a Czech…NOT Einstein…the Rchild’s parked him beside their lab…& later in the patent office in Vienna. Dr.Patrick Flanagan…the neurophone. Gunpowder from Ch!na for fireworks…for guns from Europe…Alfred Nobel…
    1000’s of suppressed & stolen technologies…not enough time to share all the REAL history…50 years now of being blocked ? from POISON IVY league schools…& what has come out of them? Poison…jabs …nano spy tech…Charles Lieber??? The attendance should have been 70% Caucasian in the last 50 years of affirmative action. Now what do we have…Think Tanks that schemed for 1 year as to how to manipulate the US into taking the chip for the Rchilds

  2. This one was really under the deception of Pisces square the trickster of Gemini while mercury retrograde…may want to rethink a bit of the mystical here.

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