6-10-21 Black Hole Sun Day



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  1. Deeply insightful information – thank you Robert.
    What a great place to hang out!
    Big love…Andy & Lindy.
    Bristol. England.

  2. OMG Robert, you are so right. Property prices everywhere have skyrocketed in the last year, which makes no logical sense. This was the plan all along. They have us all fighting about masks/no masks/virus/no virus, etc. The IMF is no doubt behind this. They all need to be hung. More welfare for the rich while we all struggle and are mind controlled. Thank you for your excellent insight.

  3. Thank you Robert . As usual you have gotten straight to the black heart of the matter. Very valuable revelations and dot connections. Blackrock is spearheading a rape of Russia redux . The oligarchs want it all … with our money.

  4. Here in Washington state China is buying all the property. When they purchased the property next to us they turned in into a half-way house for people getting out of jail and recovering from drugs etc. Making our life a living hell, when you try and get help from the City they just say, sorry we are hearing that from many people nothing we can do. So I think the goal is to create chaos from within the communities and bring down propery values, until they get rid of the “useful idiots”. We rent on one of the last 15acres left and our landlord is old school and holding out as long as he can. He says China makes so many offers a day to try and get his property he can’t keep up and does not like what happened to this once quaint town.

    • That’s clearly the Western strategy, aka California, Oregon and Washington as that seems to be the model and the case. Oregon has just passed a law that says homeless can camp/live on any public land. Just wait till they mess with the concept of private ownership and see what quickly becomes public.

      The homeless issue in other places like Austin, where it’s pretty bad, seems to be more about demoralization and using the homeless as sort of frontline troops for petty crime and more extreme misdemeanors.

      BTW, China has purchased over 200 acres in Texas, and the local press and Abbot have nothing to say about it.

  5. Blackrock IS the FEDERAL RESERVE. ROTHROCK. Just print the cash & destroy the society. T@lmudic Tr@sh in action. No one can outbid when you PRINT the $ you decide who to delete…& it won’t be delete the elite unless those who live in the Empire state back with truth bombs!!!

  6. Your videos are rich with information that fleshes out the Beast we are confronted with, more and more…it’s scary as heck but I’m hungry for the knowledge. Thank you for what you are doing here.

  7. BlackRock founded in 1988
    By 8 people in a locked room.
    haha the Chinese love the double 8.
    Fink has Mars in Cap square to Saturn Libra and opposed to Uranus Taurus. This is a very aggressive signature for business

    They will lose in the end.

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