6-9-21 Your Life On Ransomware



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  1. Happy to see you back and landed softly. Just tell people you’re a life coach. That’s really pretty accurate.

    • I read Obama’s book, Dreams of (from?) my father years ago. And tho I had yet to know the truth about him, that book felt completely made up and stupid really.
      I gotta say tho that MRS. Obummer has greatly entertained me and made me giggle like a schoolgirl by allowing his/her/it tiny dick flop around while dancing and walking and stuff. Laughed my ass off! Why he/she/it doesn’t keep that teeny little pistol in a holster tells us all that he/she/it likes entertaining us as much as we love the entertainment!

  2. Scott Mcay is an egomaniac on ALL his videos. He was a body builder not too long ago. I’ve always known that any man who lifts weights so much that he ends up with ugly crab arms has got some deep down insecurity issues. Big time. It’s like the middle aged balding man who buys himself a shiny, new sports car. I’ve always liked Sacha. Ego their too but softer. I just watched an interview RDS did with a nice doctor lady. Robert was fine. I DO like him very much. Tho, again, his ego is needing to be fed, like the other two guys. Robert might feel overwhelmed because he’s got so much on his plate and I’ll bet he plannned this all out JUST SO. Now, in his mind, if ppl aren’t following his nervous micromanaging Robert is goina think that it’ll all fall apart. I sure hope they ditch motorcycle boy and Robert and Sacha can have a nice, long heart to heart. It’s probably a misunderstanding but egos ended up turning into a
    pissing contest. I’m so glad I’m a girl. Thank you God. ?

    • RDS bit off way more than he could chew. He also overpromised a lot. He’s a very smart guy, but he cannot handle or manage people. That’s Sacha’s world. Sacha is VERY GOOD at managing people. But he did what opportunists do. He split and took the biggest names on his tour. I know from the inside that RDS was treating people horribly. He brought a lot of what happened on himself. The latest is that he’s starting to rebound a bit and become human again.

      It will be interesting to see what comes out of all of this at the end.

  3. You ain’t kiddin’! This’ll probably be where the new “Civil War” in America will start according to Penny Kelly. Ppl are getting riled up. Don’t think that’s any better than zombie-like exceptence of ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING OUR MASTERS TELL US. Maybe the fight will be the Zombies against the The RiledUp Rubes. I’m just goina stay in my home in the woods and point my Rabid husband, Adolf at any trouble makers. (Real name. Means Nobel Wolf. It’s been in his family forever. SO! Our first born is Adolf Jr. Hubby was teasing that we should name our girl, Eva!? No way! But the little shit named our German Shepherd puppy Blondie. That was the name of Hitler’s beloved German Shepherd. Sneaky! i tried to rename her when i fou d out but she was used to the name. so i dyed her Golden Blonde. Shes worth it. ?). Husband (40 yrs of marriage last February) Adolf has been wanting to shoot someone in the face ever since he got his CCP -Consealed CARRY Thingy. Just kidding. But he’d do whatever is necessesary to protext home and hearth. our block and neighborhood is armed and dangerous. These old boyz aint playin’. Many, ike my husband and i were in the armed service. We be trained. Bad guys better stay away. ( geeze. how’d i get so far off track while first talking about the Arise Tour? Shit. Even the NAME sounds like a precurser to Civil War. Maybe. maybe not. whatever does happen, i know one thing for sure: we arennever going back to “normal”. Must destroy and tear down this nasty mess of a world to have room to build a new and better one. ??✨???♥️?❤️✨

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