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  1. I totally agree with you Robert. My husband & I watched his shows regularly for about 3 months, but at some point I got the impression that he just enjoyed thinking of himself as ‘internet famous’, because some of his shows were all about him and 50% of the time he complained about raw deals he was getting. So we stopped watching him a couple months ago. He’s a blow-hard.

    1. I was really taken aback by that video. I had had very little exposure to Scott and I do my best not to be judgmental, but when I put the high beams on, it’s hard to shut them down. I was willing to suspend my judgment around Scott, even after I saw his appearance at Arise in the Hill Country where the motorcycle thing looked more than a little weird, but that vlog was really too much. He has since deleted it.

  2. You’re a thought leader, Robert. You say stuff that others may be thinking but not saying.

  3. I live in Calimesa, CA and I feel really blessed because most people are very decent and kind here. Today at the store I’d say 30 percent of people were like me not wearing a mask…no normies cared…the check out lady was telling me how happy she was…Most humans are innately good. Great show…Thank you for your work…

  4. Love the deconstruction of scott mckay!! ?

    I just have one question about arise: why did Cynthia McKinney bail on 4/29? That tells me a lot…
    FBI cointelpro money vs cia? Internecine squabbles? Hmm…. sometimes all that needs to be done is to loosen the lug nuts just a smidge rather than torch the rv

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