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  1. According to the EIR, the MOVE group was a social experiment by Quakers and the Wharton school of UPenn

    “MOVE was the Frankenstein creation of “social experimenters” at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, linked to the London Tavistock Institute, the brainwashing clinic that grew out of the psychological warfare division of the British Army during World War II. Critical funding and “street-level” ,support of the group was provided, from the beginning, by the American Friends Service Committee and the AFSC off-shoot, Movement for a New Society. ”


      1. Thanks, this was my comment on last friday’s show:

        University of Pennsylvania is the school said to have been started by Ben Franklin and a protestant minister, but it’s not a Jesuit school. It has links to the neighboring Quaker schools, so it could unofficially be Quaker started. St. Joseph’s U nearby is the Philly Jesuit school. I suspect both Trump’s schools, Penn and Fordham, do mind control programming and this is one of the reasons the elites send their kids to certain schools.

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