5-24-21 Vax War Updates & More


  1. Styx Marx

    HI CHIEF! lnps! ;Qxxx

  2. v.gale

    This is a demoralizing Russian roundup with the Americans being the dumb cattle. This is just embarrassing. We’re going to get our asses spanked if we don’t knock this shit off.


  3. torgo

    Sorry! Nevermind, my adblocker suddenly decided to block the videos. OK now!

  4. Harry

    The video is broken on rumble. Please repost it.

  5. Steve

    “Sleepers sleep as we row the boat
    Just you the weather and I gave up hope
    But all of the hurdles that fell in our laps
    Was fuel for the fire and straw for our backs
    Still the voices have stories to tell
    Of the power struggles in heaven and hell
    But we feel secure against such mighty dreams
    As Orpheus sings of the promise tomorrow may bring

    Tell me, I’ve still a lot to learn
    Understand, these fires never stop
    Please believe, when this joke is tired of laughing
    I will hear the promise of my Orpheus sing”

    Thank you Robert!

  6. Vickie Bartman

    Robert, you mentioned the lack of Themerisol as an adjuvant in the injections. What is being used is a cationic lipid per Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., a senior research scientist at MIT for over five decades via an interview with Mercola.

    “They strategically chose a cationic lipid, meaning it’s positively charged. “Usually you have phospholipids in your membranes that are negatively charged,” Seneff explains. The problem with cationic lipids is they disturb the plasma membrane and cause an immune response.

    However, that may also be a key reason for why they were used. Typically, conventional vaccines contain an aluminum adjuvant to initiate an immune response. Aluminum was not appropriate for the COVID-19 vaccines, but the cationic lipids serve a similar function spectacularly well.

    Being extremely toxic to the cell membranes, the positively charged lipids trigger immune cells to rush in to aid the cells and mop up the spike protein now being produced, while also being the vehicle that allows the RNA to slip into the cells. Once inside the cell, the mRNA delivers the instructions to produce enormous amounts of spike proteins. “

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