5-20-21 How About Some G*dammed Truth!


  1. Lauren Cooper

    Found you again from YT missed the broadcasts

  2. meta medi

    I dislike Stephen Jackson, Matt Barnes, Shannon Sharpe, Max Kellerman and SAS and all these assholes
    There is very few in sports media worth a turd
    I have a short list:
    Marcellus Wiley
    Jason Whitlock
    Clay Travis (though he pushes vax)
    blackandwhitesports YT channel

    • 15 Mins Ov Flame

      They all suck except the ones you mentioned. I like Will Cain, but he’s at Fox now. So we lost one there. Marcellus has really stepped up his game.

  3. meta medi

    His hammering of Matt Barnes is the BESTT

  4. meta medi

    you missed the one where Kwame says Matt Barnes grampa was white, I nearly died laughing

    LeBron is the biggest cvnt on earth

  5. meta medi

    MLK and Malcolm X were light skinned

  6. Storm

    Hey – the link has dropped off? Why can’t I see the video link?


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