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  1. the minute the unvaxxt need to wear a mask while the vaxxt do not, we have a severe problem, as you will be identified as such by all who see. Some people might get hurt

  2. people literally believe a vacks will totally enhance their immunity, it’s just something to add to yourself. people are externalized. people who get inside themselves and don’t want it

  3. Greetings Robert, so enjoy your shows. Listened driving back from VT to island and loved your discussion on what to do with your body when you cross over. Hanging in the tree with the birds was quite unusual, it reminds me of those who were strewn in half and after the people destroying the remains left it for the vermin.
    You know not everyone needs formaldehyde injected as when I depart someone will wash the this shell, wrap in cotton or silk, placed in a box of crystal,stone or high fine wood.If our d ivine process was to be cremated it would then seem we would POOF on taking our last breath! This is a thought: “The elemental atoms which constitute all phenomenal existence and being in this illimitable universe are in perpetual motion, undergoing continuous degrees of progression. For instance, let us conceive of an atom in the mineral kingdom progressing upward to the kingdom of the vegetable by entering into the composition and fibre of a tree or plant. >From thence it is assimilated and transferred into the kingdom of the animal and finally, by the law and process of composition, becomes a part of the body of man. That is to say, it has traversed the intermediate degrees and stations of phenomenal existence, entering into the composition of various organisms in its journey. This motion or transference is progressive and perpetual, for after disintegration of the human body into which it has entered, it returns to the mineral kingdom whence it came and will continue to traverse the kingdoms of phenomena as before. This is an illustration designed to show that the constituent elemental atoms of phenomena undergo progressive transference and motion throughout the material kingdoms.

    ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, The Promulgation of Universal Peace, p. 284-285

    I also read that some souls may be attached to their body and cremation shocks it.

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