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  1. Some have commented that Sheriff Mack is a high level mason. Questionable company he keeps on this tour.

  2. I hope you are right. I’m seeing and feeling the opposite where I am at.
    Best wishes

  3. Yes, a little research reveals that Ciro. O. has been and is SS best bud & benefactor for many years. Not sure if you also know that SS real last name is Adams, and his father is a knighted “Sir” with a long history of working with British Intelligence agencies…:working for the realm”…SS & RD Steele also worked together on the “ITNJ” that held what looked like judicial tribunals into horrific child abuse at which they let many victims speak…Sounds all good until you find out that they don’t have any “official” clout, and their main stated goal is “Absolution” for the perps. ( ie. getting their Cabal buddies off the hook to escape accountability for their heinous crimes), and making it look like “someone is doing something about this”. Interesting also the US & UK Intel agency links b/t SS & RDS ( it has been said that you “never retire” from there)

  4. Is anyone else having an issue with the same video being in multiple dates…i.e. the 5.17 video is showing up also in the 5.18 and 5.19 links. I find that if I wait a few days and go back then the correct video is populated in the date.

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