5-17-21 The Swinging Pendulum

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  1. I was a boy scout, made it to eagle scout, the woke culture has been building within boy scouts for a long time, when they changed their name to just scouting that was a major sign. The amount of hidden occult stuff in scouting is unbelievable, they have several secret societies and some crazyyy ceremonies.

    On a broader level everyday everything is just slowly getting worse. They get people to the point of absolute disenfranchisement then back off slightly for a bit.
    All the things which made me grow up with a toe in the previous century are the things which make me who I am but they are also the things which are actively making life so hard as someone who wants to retain some form of honor or presence outside of the internet. I think about how glad I am that those who’ve passed in my life aren’t here today being subjected to this crap.
    Thanks for discussing all this, the world needs a light.

  2. governor baker of mass is claiming 75% adult vaccination, and also that mass is leading all states in this statistic. dude is a tyrant with the most droning population in the country. maybe the world

  3. Re: your comment that the vaccination is like a baptism – a friend recently told me that someone she knows had the injection and said to her enthusiastically, “It was like taking the sacrament!”
    We are in highly disturbing times.

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