5-15-21 Friday FARcast — Return Of Jay Weidner


  1. Matt

    Robert, you’re an excellent interviewer. I’m looking forward to Martin Liedke’s appearance. You should do more!

  2. meta medi

    classical liberals like Dennis Kucinich would probably be into decentralization

  3. meta medi

    come to the Berkshire’s Mass MOCA museum
    all the art there is oversized, silly nonsense
    as is downtown art all over the place

  4. meta medi

    I like Mike Jaco
    sometimes Patriot Streetfighter keeps me watching
    I like Tarot by Janine
    you should have her on

  5. meta medi

    Trump got the vaccines going because he knew people would want them, he knew the public has been trained for decades. I don’t think he pushed them though, at least initially. He always talked about ‘if they want to take it, they can take it’

  6. Mimi

    Aah light ? time… B L M of last summer – Gemini twin is Bureau of Land Management… thanks Jay and Robert??

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