5-12-21 The War Within The War



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  1. The vid you searched for that was deleted is on AJ’sWed. May 12 show. Look under Banned.video 45 Yr Old Coach Who Collapsed Into Coma…@ 8 minutes.

  2. Its a shell game of course they are not out and down they are behind the whole thing. It doesn’t matter anyway, this is not a victory, there will never be a victory . We now have First Nations chiefs ordering their people to all be injected with the lethal injection on pain of being kicked out of their homes and off the rez. Annhilation by tribal Chief and Council! We have missoula, where they have “loosened” the mask rules BUT STATED TODAY ” well now seventy per cent of Missoula County ( SEVENTY PERCENT) is vaxxed and NOW WE WANT YOUR CHILDREN VAXXED, YOU GET THEM IN THERE AND GET THEM VAXXED. OUR PLAN IS TO VACCINATE EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN MISSOULA COUNTY.” The fauci/ gates “down’ is a feint so people will relax and not fight back.

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