5-10-21 The Narrative Falls Apart

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  1. Re: Montana Wolves
    In conversation with Montana ranchers several years ago, they explained the local wolf issue. In the 90’s wolves were imported from northern Canada, where because of harsh conditions wolf pup mortality rate was extremely high and food scarce. In Montana the environment is much more forgiving, food is plentiful, the wolves continued to breed like crazy,the pup mortality rate dropped to near zero, hence an explosion in the Montana wolf population.

  2. When you talk about people becoming cyborg zombies @28:27 your green friend appears. I urged my brother not to take it. He took it while mocking me and made a point to let me know when his 2nd shot was scheduled. He recently told me he wasn’t going to take another if offered. I didn’t even ask why.

  3. I love your truth Brother! What a Mind-Fuck world we live in. Watching from Central Maine. Far too many Zombies up here.. Love, Light and God Bless

  4. Robert, your taste in music and what you find of value is much appreciated. Really enjoying the opening tunes! You mentioned 3 Tartarian channels as well as Matt of QOC, all enhancing. While I don’t make your show live often, I do watch every one and appreciate your expanse of knowledge over a wide range of topics ( originally found you on Gaia ), your humor is fantastic and your graciousness with the support you so kindly give to others; new channels, established, those you know in life that offer services and to the folks in chatlandia is unparelleled. Each guest you have has provided more ‘support’ via information, view point, ideas to explore and also just knowing that there are others out there that tend to view reality in a similar fashion. THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO! You are appreciated!!!

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