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  1. I so relate to what the Crimis are saying about their experience at the coop. I’m a boomer (age 68) and have always been into alternative healing but was never a real counter-culture person. I’m appalled by what I’ve been a witness to in the past 18 months. I have so many friends who were very much counter-culture types and they have embraced this insane media driven mask culture to the point of “drinking the poison”. My husband and I continue to seek out like-minded people who refuse to accept the status quo in this country. It is a joy to meet these folks and speak openly and without masks. I salute you, Robert, Stephen, Krys and everyone who chooses to think and act freely without fear. God bless you.

    1. Thank you Vivian, and thank you for signing up for our podcast! Looks like all of us are going through a transition from old friends, putting out the homing beacon for new true ones. All the best!

  2. Unfortunately I missed the live show. You must have laid down some intense truth, because the video says “encoding video”, and isn’t available to watch.

  3. Im only a couple minutes in and gotta say I like The Who way more than The WHO. And in this day and age, who knows if Pete Townsend is guilty as charged? It’s not like we can trust the media or government.

  4. I’ve yet to wear a mask in any store or doctor office. I state firmly that I have a medical exemption. It’s worked so far and I’m in Michigan. I do keep my Cat Woman mask in my purse to put on every now and then to go about as a walking protest. It’s also fun!

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