5-6-21 The Ongoing Trauma Drama Program



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  1. Robert, WordPress is impossible! I have an account, but it doesn’t recognize any of my 3 e-mail accounts, so I can’t even change my password. I’ve been watching your shows every day but can’t participate in chat. When I type something in and hit ‘enter’ my comment doesn’t show up. Is this a different WordPress? Do you have to log in to participate in chat?

  2. Do not write a letter to your congressman. It will be thrown in trash. You need to call them or tweet, email, etc. If you tweet others can see.

  3. Valiant work Robert! Thank you.
    This is the best private club on the Net.
    Big love from Bristol. England. XX.

  4. How come no FTM transgenders are interested in competing with men? This is an ugly flaw that makes me think the MTFs in sports are crushing the dreams of our daughters. Reminds me of orthodox islam and a direct attack on divine feminine

  5. Utopia! Totally forgot about that wonderful album! But this is not the cover I remember. Wondering if this is a Mandela. So funny, that we share the same birthday and I’m constantly onboard with you and your musical tastes… and so many other things.

  6. Great Show! I see A. Cuomo’s ex-wife is in the mix of speakers, as well. I always look forward to these discussions, analyzations.

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