5-5-21 Witness To The Shutdown



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  1. You can cash out of big money in cryptos by getting an account (minimal KYC) with Caleb & Brown brokerage in Australia. Research them. They are very credible and I became a client recently. Caleb & Brown can convert your cryptos to USD or swap them for a stable coin or other tokens. Best way for over $5000 trades & swaps.

  2. Yes, keen to join a relocation group @ the fringe-cringe echo chamber gab if you start one. thanks xx

  3. Robert…VERY important! Photo slides of hydrogel from Latvia. Go to Rense radio network from Wednesday night 5-5-21. Scroll down to 3rd guest Dr. Erika Khan then under her name in yellow click on it. Will show images. Download & share please. ❤

  4. So glad you’re on Gab. Have their own banking so hopefully will be stable. Still can not get you on rumble. Tried Robert Phoenix 11 22 & couldn’t get you. Was able to get other channels including AJ. Please advise.

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