The Next Wave Of Fake


  1. Kelly B

    Good morning all!! 🙂

  2. sock puppet

    UFC and boxing are good
    I’ll watch some football until TB is done

  3. sock puppet

    the trial was psy-op
    about a psy-op

  4. Anne

    Robert please also post your vids on Gab. Im following: Gabriels_Horn(also; You Are Free TV; Henry Makow; Ron Gibson; Infowars, etc. in case censorship ramps up. I know you like immediate feedback but a back- up is good to post after the show so we wont lose you.

  5. Vivian

    I watched the 4/27 program yesterday, but can’t play it again today. When I click on it I’m getting today’s program (4/28). I wanted to find the name of the journalist and article about the Floyd/Chauvin psyop. I know his last name was Mathis, but searching without his first name is impossible…thanks to Google & DuckDuckGo. Thanks for your help, Robert. Great show!

  6. Jomcmama

    Hi…I don’t know if Robert sees the comments so I figured I’d help you out. The man’s name is Miles Mathis and here’s a link to a downloadable pdf of that article:
    Cheers 🙂

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