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  1. Hi Robert, I tried to play tonights video and I only heard the 1st couple of minutes. Then it started buffering and I couldn’t hear the video. What the heck am I doing wrong? This is making me crazy… I miss you!!!!!! Thanks, Kerri

  2. Ok so the same thing that’s happening now happened last wk when I tried to access Sunday night show. When i click on it it goes to Mondays cast. Last wk i tried and same thing occurred. So i tried sending the email which still didnt reach you. So i texted you about sending it and you were over me texting you. So , so much for what I thought hoped was a sort of new relationship in my world. No worries. Its a familiar pattern in my life. Still trying to get a handle on it. But thought you may want to know about replay in case someone else is trying to watch Take care

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