4-23-21 Friday FARcast — Welcome Back Howdie


Howdie Mickoski is back on the scene as we explore our current situation, how to handle and deal as the bardo collapses in on itself.


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  1. Tartaria and the resets kind of eliminate history as we know it. Including Akhenaten. He’s probably the Moses character. Our history is the fakest of news. There is no paper history from before 1200 or so. The Bible is not new. This procession was probably a conditioning of reinforcement by authority

  2. Great show!!
    I was in Peru with a ” shaman” leading us in a group exercise. We stood under what seemed to be stone staircase and told to follow with our eyes and up the understairs to the open sky. It was filled with light beings, I came to understand as photon energies. After this exercise, I could slightly unfocus my sight and see them everywhere! We are surrounded with non physical forces who can imprint our reality. I agree that Nature is calling us…it is at risk for the technoligy world to trap us further and farther into artificial realities. Nature is our way out. Notice how millienials are using indoor plants for a design aesthetic? Nature is truth and beauty. No smart cities of convenience for me!!

  3. Hi Robert, Paul Crockett said a ball of light told him to go back to the Barker Ranch in Death Valley. He argued with it saying I’ve been there already, there’s nothing there. But he went back and found Brooks Poston and Paul Watkins, members of the Manson Family. Crockett quickly understood their predicament and set about extricating them from Charlie’s control. Crockett was a Gurdjieffian.

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