4/4/21 Sunday Night AstroLive — Pluto In Cap — Generation A

On this version of Sunday Night AstroLive, I’ll be looking at the generation that’s being hit hardest by the plandemic and sex re-assignment. That’s the Pluto in Cap generation, born from 2008 to 2025. This group is the generation that will be tasked to help re-build our world.

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  1. Robert, Rest assured, the big boys took down the crytpos last night, to flush out the weak hands and get in themselves at the lows. Trump and his team (Christian Carlos) admitted to taking down cryptos in Dec 2017, worrying that Bitcoin was “in a bubble”. Then Christian Carlos died a month or 2 later. This will recover and they’ll do it again in a year or so.

  2. I had a friend in Nashville, Phil Kaufman, a well-known road manager who road-managed Elvis for a couple tours. Phil was in the fold at the time of Elvis’s death, and says he did die on the toilet. He was in bad shape from drugs at the time.

  3. Let us all remember, Satanism is about ‘inversion’. So if we invert the tenets listed as being the tenets of Satanism, we have the truth about it!

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