4-2-21 Friday FARcast With Shonagh Home


Please join me as I welcome back one of my favorite guests; author, healer, and shamanmatrix, Shonagh Home. We’ll get into juicy subject like natural law, self-determination and homesteading for the 21st Century. You can find out more about Shonagh and her work, here: https://www.shonaghhome.org.


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  1. At 23:30 you discuss heavy ‘users’ who do not manifest the expected awareness. I find this now with former users – of psychedelics and who knows what else – who are conventionally ‘woke’ and politically unaware. Some harp on their pet ideas. Many seem to have not allowed their practice to differentiate them from the crowd. Some have become great entrepreneurs and indulge in the lavish world of successful business. Along these lines I am a Theosophist and a student of many lines of teaching that resulted from the original work in late 1800’s and I have been astonished at how ignorant of geopolitics sincerely ‘spiritual’ folks have shown themselves, totally conventional, believing false history, politically naive. My considerable engagement with psychedelics was principally spiritual, mystical and led me to solitary awakening which I identified as Christian conversion and later led me on a lifetime of scholarship in metaphysics. – thank you for your excellent efforts.

  2. amazing i listened last night and i woke up with her story in my mind. i have never used any such medicine and i want to. i’m in germany so i need to get informed on what’s good here. but her story from living outside society, finding my way out the system, having received 5000euro to clear debts and find a rental while (same as Shonagh) i desire to have my own home outside of ‘traffic’ i’m approaching 50, oh just all she said… and i too manifest at will, but that’s bc i work from retrocausal view point and also because i know i can’t ‘wish’ for something unless that something chose me to start with, and wants me to bring it forth. so before i have asked it was answered. so i bless you both for this timely interview that was like a massive signal from my guides that i AM ON THE RIGHT TRACK! BLESS YOU BOTH! THIS IS AN AMAZING WORLD AND TIME! IT’S NEVER BEEN SO SPEEDY AND EASSSSSYYYYY! and like u said several times! the more chaos outside the more order individually! yes yes yes! bc this is happening FOR us not TO us! we must grow up now not look any new tit to suckle and slumber again! we’re being weaned! and finding our feet to individual sovereignty is the only way ahead. and no this won’t be done in groups and protests. this is time to grow up and stand alone find your own way reinvent your own wheel.
    immense love to your efforts and content!

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