3-30-21 15 Minutes Ov Flame — The Return


For today’s live experience, we’re going to be using the link above. For today, chat will not be operative, but I’ll have it integrated by tomorrow as well as the embedded player. In any case, we are one step closer. Thanks for your patience.


  1. Lisa Kolashinski

    I am going to be listening today! So happy we have missed you terribly.

  2. Lisa K

    Looks like it is going well!

  3. Pete

    Welcome back, Robert!

    What a freaking nightmare, the last few weeks. I tried going to your Vimeo channel but I get a 100% blank screen. Anyone else experience this?


  4. Kerri Bullard

    Thanks for all your hard work. Mom & I were very happy you’re back! Peace, light and love….Kerri Beth

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