8-20-19 Fifteen Minutes Ov Flame — Corporacratic Craporations

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  1. Corporations should reimburse American people for trillions stolen while leveling federal government structure and federal reserve with responsibilities returned to states/tribes under reduced government. Reparations to people will not rebalance wheel as I observed in two examples: 1) US paid tribes $800 million for treaty violations. Yet today, annual spending for continued care is $17 billion for only 1.6 million reservation population. 2) UN required Japan-US to pay damages caused to Pacific Island Nations from World War II. JAPAN ASSIGNED CORPORATIONS TO COVER ITS SHARE. US Department of Justice agency oversaw claim identification and payment. I went through $4 million in claims paid to Ulithi residents (Micronesia Atoll, Yap State used as aircraft carrier repair base and half squadron airbase – land acreage the same as my family farm). Claim examples: Japanese post office savings counts, 50 cents per hour for slave labor, boats and house square footage by native or Japanese design, unreclaimable land taken out of food production (airport runway) and $24 for a cosmetic tin.

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