1-9-19 Fifteen Minutes Ov Flame — Innocence is a Drag

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  1. …& it is always okay to be a Full Ginger.Male!* (Red & .Tabby?) Even if you’ve ‘been fixed’..as you, my American cousins say! Haha!

    Have A GREEEEAATT! (as Tony Tiger said..about a ‘sugar coated frosted’ breakfast cereal..?) & a..

    Hppy Independence Day!

    Lurve & Peas! ;Q xxx

    *The ratio of Males to Females Cats which are full Red Tabby;..is some astronomical figure that it is ‘as good as’…impossible’! So a pic of Jasper & that ‘fact’ on a Tee? Well..you are aware ‘whose show’it is ? Now that’s a ‘piece of merch’ that would selll out like those proverbial ‘hot cakes’? & whilst it pains me to say it? The’ white cat’ whilst it’s ok to be one! That one? Is one ugly mo’ fo’ moggie! There! I said it! Sad but true!
    Oh & btw? Cats like Rosie? Males are the rare ones! Not quite as Rare as Red Queens..but stilll it is, as are all things ‘Calculus’…? True enough? Fyi…x

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