Are you mystified by crypto currency? Is the strange universe of digital currency strange and confusing? Well you're probably not alone. From shit coins, to alt-coins, to private coins, to synthetic assets, digital farming, and massive APR payouts, all built onto the block chain, it's a universe that's being mapped out with greater complexity with every passing moment.

You may think that you've missed the train, but you haven't. This nascent technology is really still in it's formative stages, but as countries begin to line up and get ready to launch their own crypto-currencies, it would be wise to get as much info as you can, so that you can get a foot into the crypto/block chain world.

This two-day-webinar, will break down what the block chain is, how it creates value and how tokens play a role in this lightning fast technology. By the end of the five-hour/two day webinar, you'll understand how the block chain works, what a crypto currency is, the various types of currencies, what exchanges are, how to purchase crypto and how to set up your own private (secure) wallet. If you've had any blocks or challenges in wrapping your head around crypto, and applying it in your own life, this webinar is exactly for you.


DAY ONE 12/11/21


Masaki Miyagawa has been mapping out the digital currency terrain intensely over the past decade. Affectionately known as "The Dogefather," he's mastered the basics of navigating the block chain and he'll be our cyber-sherpa on day one.

• What is block chain? How does it work?

•What is a crypto-coin/token?

•What is an exchange?

•How does it work with your bank account and is it safe?

•Setting up your own private ledger and linking it to an exchange.

•How does Ethereum work?

•Alt Coins/Shit Coins/Private Coins.

So on day one, we'll cover all of the above and you'll be able to set up your own private ledger, link it to an exchange, purchase tokens, and have a clear working knowledge of how crypto and block chains work, and most importantly, why you need to invest in it so that you can have a hedge against massive inflation and the reset of the dollar.

DAY TWO 12/12/21


On day two, we'll take a leap into the future of crypto, and look at things like synthetic assets, digital farming, staking and where the brave new world of digital currency is headed. For those who get their feet wet on day one and want to dive into the deep end, Sunday will open vistas of novel and complex universes, where the stakes for the crypto gambler and high and the payouts could be a game changer over a very short period of time.


•What is a synthetic asset?

•What is staking?

•What is farming?

•What are NFTs?

•What are crypto-domains?

•What is APY?

•Where is it all headed?


First off, you'll need a Zoom connection, because we'll be using Zoom for all five hours. If you don't have a private wallet/ledger, you'll want to get one, because we'll be setting them up live and linking them to exchanges so that you can start trading on them right away. You can get the Nano Ledger S from Amazon. Here's a link to Amazon if you want to purchase it from there. BTW, we really recommend you get one, so you can keep your coins safe.

The cost for the two-day, five-hour webinar is $155. All purchases for the webinar are final and if you cannot attend, you will be sent a recording of the webinar, as will everyone else who has signed up and joined during the live portion.

If you've been wanting to understand crypto currency and dive in, this is your opportunity to learn solid basics and practices from the ground up. If you want to survive the 21st Century, we'll need all the help we can get.