1 thought on “12-21-12 Dark Winter’s Eve”

  1. Trump is stuck with the vaxx due to ‘operation warp speed.’ Warp speed introduced by Pence.
    Trump is in the vaxx culdesac and he knows it.
    Banksters, MIC, Big Pharma control this country. It is said you need at least one to win.
    You see this what it looks like when the Drug Cartel is in charge. He will block DeSantis from being the nominee because he still has the ‘cult of Trump’ who are always onboard.
    Donald Trump Jr. texted Mark Meadows (chief of staff) during Jan 6th event “He needs to just leave now, this has gone too far.”

    This is all US Pluto return exact in late Feb. Natal US Pluto and transit Pluto is square to Kamala Harris’ Sun and Moon, I mean exact!
    Somethin’ is gonna happen…

    btw England had it’s Pluto return and Pluto says “transform or die” during the Elizabethan era and they did transform and came out stronger. Again another Pluto return around 1800 when Rothschild siezed control of the bank of England due to disinfo on Battle of Waterloo. Or did they just give it away. Why not shut trading down on that day?
    Makes ya wonder…
    SCOTUS is taking the OSHA mandate case. Asking for companies, faith groups, school groups to respond by Nov 30th.
    Jupiter rules SCOTUS and is in Pisces Nov 28th.
    I have faith (Jupiter).

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